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Automatic Gates & Gate Access Control Systems

NJP Installations Ltd is committed to providing outstanding workmanship and quality gate products to our customers. Due to our long-standing relationship with the industries top manufactures, we are able to provide high end gate accessories and gate hardware at discount prices. In the business for over twenty years, our company is a leading provider of automatic gates and access control systems in the southest region. From uniquely designed wrought iron and wood gates for celebrity clients to security gates for government facilities, we strive to meet our customer's individual needs.

The Best Automatic Gates at the Best Prices
Why Us?
Experience has shown that not all automatic gate equipment is equal. Many of our competitors sell brands that we feel perform at a sub-standard level, and our mission has always been to provide the very best access equipment at the lowest cost. If you believe the saying "you get what you pay for," then you will appreciate the quality products we have to offer.

Best Gate Equipment
If you are shopping for automatic gate openers and other electrical gate accessories for your existing system, or wish to custom design your own gate, NJP Installations has the very best automatic gate products at the lowest prices:

Gate Operators
• Telephone Entry Systems
• Automatic Gate Hardware
• Gate Clickers (transmitters)
• Access Cards
• Safety devices for electrical gate systems
• Automatic Gate Accessories

NJP Installations Ltd provides a complete range of access control technologies for vehicles and pedestrians. In its basic form access control is the physical presence of a restriction to hinder or stop free passage, perhaps a car park barrier, or a door, or turnstile, the exact form will depend on the level of control and security required.

The control of the access point can be as simple as a semi-mechanical device such as an electro-mechanical lock, or it can be as sophisticated as one of the latest state of the art electronic biometric systems. NJP Installations Ltd can advise on the most appropriate system to give the best value for money, with the level of flexibility and control required. If required, NJP Installations Ltd can integrate with an existing access control system or provide a base on which to expand. NJP Installations Ltd will listen to the customer's requirements then provide the perfect solution to meet the system requirements exactly.

By combining access control systems with physical barriers, CCTV systems and other security devices we can supply the complete solution to your sites needs. As part of a group of specialist companies NJP Installations Ltd is are able to offer a complete range of services from risk management to design and installation and/or project management.